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For those who want to try their hand in the video stock market, this is the perfect time.

Today, communication is more and more visual and marketing has been moving to videos for some years now, as evidenced by the success of videos in Facebook or Instagram stories.

However, although the demand for quality video is very high, competition must be taken into account. Today, there is still enough room in the video market to carve out your own niche, but you’ll have to hurry, because soon there will be an increase in supply, as has already happened with stock photos.

The demand for photographs also continues to be very high, but there are so many competitors that it has become very difficult to stand out and have your images seen by customers among the thousands of photos that are produced and published as stock every day. Moreover, it should be taken into consideration that the stock photo and stock video clientele are in some ways similar, but with some important differences.

So, there’s no time to waste. For anyone who wants to build a client base in the world of stock video, the time is now.

Know the market: who are the potential customers?

Those who want to dive into the world of stock video must understand that being technically skilled and being able to produce quality video is not enough to break through in the video market.

It is undoubtedly an essential requirement and an excellent starting point, but to sell, you also need something else: you need to be familiar with basic marketing techniques, which are necessary to present yourself in the right way and to beat the competition that, although smaller than that of stock photos, still exists.

This means that, first of all, you must know the market and the target audience.

Knowing your potential customer and knowing exactly who you are talking to is one of the basic rules of marketing, but it is also an interesting indicator to understand what to produce and who to offer it to.

Most likely, different customers will have different professional needs both in terms of the characteristics of the specific product and in terms of the topics to be dealt with. Their budgets will also be different, and it will be necessary to take this into account during production in order to create a product that is marketable in all respects.

Customers: who buys stock video?

Large agencies are an excellent target audience as they usually enjoy budgets and are interested in buying exclusive products. This means that there will be few sales of the same clip, or even just one, but they will pay a very high price.

Interesting? Yes, of course. Actually, great. But it is also necessary to understand why a big agency would want to buy one of your videos, what the needs of the agency are, and be able to produce it according to these expectations. We can explain that to you.

However, there are also other types of customers, such as smaller agencies. Generally, they have a lower-level target customer with a smaller budget but an ongoing need for good quality material to buy. As a result, they often take advantage of subscriptions to keep costs down and to have a constant supply.

Freelancers, on the other hand, do not have a constant but rather an occasional need for material, so they hardly ever rely on subscriptions. Their purchases, both for personal use and for their customers, are sporadic and often concentrated over the weekend.

Finally, there are private individuals: geeky bloggers or video enthusiasts who, for various reasons, buy without looking to make a profit. Since they will not make back the cost, it happens rather sporadically, but this does not take away from the fact that when they are really interested in a clip, they buy it without too much thought.

How to win over customers

Those who want to establish themselves in this sales sector need to find their customers and outperform the competition.

There is a very fearsome competitor who should not be forgotten: the cousin. Today, thanks to the widespread availability and relative simplicity of small video editing systems, there is always a cousin or nephew capable of doing a job, often not at a professional level, but at a very low price.

Those who don’t want to risk doing as this cousin does need to be properly trained and know how to move in a world where skill can be the deciding factor.

How to become a professional

Becoming a professional is possible, even if time is of the essence.

Want to learn about your potential customers and understand the dynamics of the video stock market?

Want to know how much you can earn and learn how to carry out market analysis to increase your sales?

Want to learn to distinguish which content is most popular and know what is best to focus on?

Find out how to become a real entrepreneur in stock footage: we can guide you.

Our courses are designed specifically for those like you who have what it takes to become a professional in the field.

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