What are the most popular videos? Understanding market trends

To make your clips more marketable, you need to understand the needs of your target audience.

Producing a video that is beautiful but that does not interest the public, from a marketing point of view, is almost useless: a waste of time that can cost in economic terms.

Market demands are not always the same: over the years there have been evolutions that have led to the search for very different categories of clips. These are increasingly rapid changes, which can affect users’ choices in a fairly short time frame.

The evolution of market trends

Staying still and continuing to follow a production process that stays essentially unchanged does not yield good results, especially in a sector that is strongly influenced by innovation.

Until recently, clips on stock video platforms employed roughly the same concept, cloned from that of photographs.

Classic images of groups, families, and professionals without any particular lighting style. Today, however, those who buy stock content are savvier, thanks to the habit of watching advertisements and the large quantity of videos available online.

Images, if they appear staged in their perfection, are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of customers: for the public to identify with a clip, it must represent realistic situations. The preparation of a video, therefore, today requires more sophisticated lighting, less “perfect” actors and scenes that recall everyday life.

Analyzing the market to increase sales

Those who produce clips to sell as stock cannot limit themselves to working on the technical aspects, but must inevitably carry out a precise market analysis to understand what the public demands and what competitors offer.

Getting the subject of a clip wrong, as well as not focusing on the most popular shooting methodology, inevitably leads to a reduction in earnings, despite a considerable investment in terms of time and even money.

Choosing the subjects required by the market

The needs of the market are very important and even come before the quality of the video. A perfect clip from a technical point of view, with adequate lighting, perfect focus, and correct movements, will not sell if the subject is not of interest to the audience.

In this sense, it is fundamental to bear in mind that we should not shoot what interests or pleases us, but what the market requires.

This is partly a question of common sense: for example, beautiful shots of a diesel engine, at a time when the market is turning more and more to the electric motor, are clearly not very marketable. This can also be seen from the frequency with which the subject is dealt with in specialist magazines, blogs and the web in general.

However, common sense is not always enough and some web research has to be done.

Analyzing the market through the web

The web is often able to show us where current trends are heading. By simply searching for a keyword on Google you can see examples of the images already present. You can also search for the same keyword on stock video and stock photo platforms. In order to understand trends, you can observe everything that is in the form of images also in other media, not necessarily digital, such as magazines, advertisements, billboards, etc.

It should also be taken into account that the image market is often ahead of the video market and can give interesting indications to create cutting-edge clips.

This does not only concern the subjects, but also the methodology with which the clips are produced: the lights, the shot, the cutting method, the setting, etc.

Analyzing the market through competitors

Another useful method to understand what the market trends are is to analyze the work offered by your competitors.

Most likely, by the time they publish their clips in stock, they have already examined the same considerations and can save us a lot of time. All the more so if their clips are best-selling, which means that they have been met with a favorable response from the public.

Learning to analyze market trends

Analyzing market trends may seem a boring and uncreative operation to those who would rather devote themselves exclusively to producing clips: however, it is a step that you cannot skip, if you want to earn money with your work.

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