Who are our customers

For those who want to try their hand in the video stock market, this is the perfect time.

Organizing a low-budget shoot

One of the questions frequently asked before embarking on a stock video project is how high an economic investment is required.

Set lighting

In videos, just like in photography, using the right lighting is crucial. The word photography, in fact, comes from the Greek words φως, φωτός, which means “light”, and γραφή, γραφής, which means “writing”.

The equipment needed to produce stock

When you decide to go into stock footage, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of equipment to use and, consequently, how much you need to invest in order to produce enough video of market-level quality.

Organizing a high-budget shoot

It could be the case that the available budget is quite high, allowing you to organize a high-quality shoot at both a technical and a commercial level.

Lenses and shooting perspectives

One way to increase sales and, consequently, earnings is to use the most suitable lens and shooting perspective for each video.