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We are Andrea and Alessio and we both studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan; before starting a career in the stock footage industry, we used to work for a local creative agency whose business was focused in producing commercial videos for companies.

It was during this period of our professional life that we approached, more out of curiosity than other, the image marketplaces, already present on the market since some years.

Almost for fun, without any specific ambition, we started to produce and select the material produced in the past that was “simply beautiful”, at least in our opinion; as a matter of facts that was our only discriminating element to be taken into consideration at the time, having no experience in Stock Footage.

After a few months, we started having the first sales and spurred on by these results, we started producing other videos; the ideas were not the best, but in our production we always managed to come up with something useful that would increase the small revenues.

We accumulated some experience, and then we saw the possibility of combining an innate passion with a promising business.

To pursue this goal, we began to structure our production: we set ourselves some monthly goals, and in free time or at night we began to shoot, cut, catalog and upload our work to the platforms.

Each month, we uploaded new material, and this generated more and more income; and the following month, the urge to do more and better allowed us to push ourselves even beyond the limits we had set.

In that phase, we began to invest all of our revenues, to support our creativity and create increasingly structured shootings.

Over time, we have managed to maintain a constant growth trend, and this has allowed us to make a seemingly difficult choice, but in fact very natural: we had the opportunity to make our passion be our job, and dedicate our entire professional life in making stock footage material.

Thus, Hquality was born, in November 2017.

We set aside the earnings, invested in the company and in the material necessary for the realization of the highest quality shootings, bought our first professional camera, an 8K Red Helium, and we set ourselves an even greater goal: to become the best in the world.

It is a difficult ambition to achieve, in an extremely competitive market, with professionals and artists from all over the world.

Yet, with small steps, learning from our own mistakes, we have reached a point where the industry’s leading platforms consider us among the privileged contributors within their perimeter.

But the position we have conquered is for us an incentive to be even better, to never set limits to the creativity and to try reaching levels unimaginable until recently.

A continuous search for self-improvement, which is the basis of what we have been able to achieve, but also the energy to make our work fascinating and full of challenges to face and overcome.

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